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Meet Klara AKA (CEO and BOSS LADY of Klara Cosmetics)

Klara Sabotkoski is the revolutionary Founder behind Klara Cosmetics and Sechi Hair academy. Renowned in the beauty industry for her entrepreneurial, creative and visionary talent, Klara is the ultimate BOSS LADY.

Beginning her journey in the industry at the ripe age of 14 as a hairdresser, Klara has since taken the beauty world by storm with over 25 awards to her name including being named “Telstra Business Women of the Year”. We may be slightly biased but we think this is pretty AMAZING.

Klara’s dedication as an accomplished platform artist, an accredited trainer and an innovative entrepreneur has allowed her to take Klara Cosmetics globally, with products now sold in Sephora stores across India, Thailand and Indonesia. But wait, there’s more.

Klara is not only committed to creating professional quality products but is likewise invested in educating others, empowering women and being a key leader in the industry. By supporting her retailers, providing top-level training for the use of her products and being at the forefront of new colour palettes and seasonal trends, Klara is paving the way for young women in business aspiring to be their own BOSS.

Klara’s success has granted her appearances on the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar, just to name a few. Still not impressed?

Klara has used her wealth of industry expertise to craft the PERFECT makeup and skincare range that is created entirely of colour pigmentation, giving dramatic and high-performance results that empower EVERY WOMAN to look and feel their best.

So Where to next for Klara? You’ll just have to wait and see.