70s makeup, Daisy Jones

The 70s Makeup Inspo of Daisy Jones & The Six

With more Daisy Jones and the Six episodes on the horizon, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting Fleetwood Mac-level drama, playful 70s makeup looks and gorge wispy bohemian style. With new episodes being released every Friday, this Amazon mini-series, based on the Taylor Jenkins Reid novel by the same name, has been taking the world by absolute storm. The 10-part series follows the rise and fall of a fictional 70s rock band, the scandalous love triangle at the core of their unravelling, and the sex, love and rock ‘n’ roll that comes along with it all. But perhaps what brings this series together is the generation-defining hair and makeup looks that transform female lead Daisy Jones into a truly unique 70s Glam rockstar. 

Drawing inspiration from the distinct personal styles of legendary female rockstars, makeup department head Rebecca Wachtel and hair department head Maryann Hennings worked side by side from pre-production to shooting day to develop Daisy Jones’ (Riley Keough) iconic look.

So how has Daisy Jones come to be? Here are some of the 70s Makeup inspirations behind her look, plus some of the key makeup products needed to live out your 70s glam dreams from home.  


70s Hair


When it came to 70s rockstar hair, Hennings knew precisely what direction to go in. Big hair and sky-high volume is the key to a great 70s rock icon, and for Daisy Jones, this was no different.

Hennings drew inspiration from Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and looked to create big voluminous, yet effortless curls that reflected a free-spirited nature.

70s Makeup

While back in the 70s our fave glam rockers might have used hot rollers for those iconic curls, when pressed for time on shooting day Hennings used a Dyson Airwrap to create a similar wavy effect.


During the filming of the band’s performances, Hennings would attack Reily’s locks with an alternation between Volume & Texture Spray and Thick Dry Finishing Spray to really set that big-hair look in. The more volume, the better. 


70s Makeup


Daisy Jones is a carefree, effortless rockstar beauty, and Wachtel aimed to emulate this through her makeup. 


She drew from her research of the 70s rock scene and scoured retro magazines to develop the right styles and colours for Daisy Jones’ signature look. Stevie Nicks was also a major source of inspiration for this look, as well as model, actress and Rolling Stones muse Anita Pallenburg.

70s Makeup, Anita Pallenburg

70s makeup was all about shimmery eyeshadows and retro cat-eye eyeliner shapes, and for Daisy Jones’ stage moments, Wachtel played around with these iconic trends. Inspired by a 1975 Avon ad, Wachtel applied a soft wash of eyeshadow across Reily’s eyelids in a more deconstructed cat-eye shape. By building up upon these eyeshadow colours she developed intense, pigmented looks that made for some electrifying on-stage scenes. 


Daisy’s lip and eye shadow colours changed throughout her onstage moments, and Wachtel would carry around a makeup kit full of lip and eyeshadow palettes on set to develop custom colours on the go. 


The pairing of strong eye colours with a strong lip was popularised In the late 70s. With this in mind, Wachtel aimed to go for a low-maintenance, deconstructed and imperfect makeup look, but with large statements. For Reily’s lips, she switched between an assortment of red tones that were largely prevalent in the 70s.


70s Makeup, Daisy Jones and the six


Throughout the show, Daisy Jone’s makeup evolves as her story progresses. Wachtel transitioned from using warmer tones to cooler-toned eyeshadows, as a way of symbolising the rockstar’s downward spiral into a darker rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.


But Daisy’s base makeup has remained the same. Wachtel wanted to uphold the effortless, natural feeling of Daisy’s laid-back look by utilising light cream products to create a natural, sunny glow. She used a light foundation for a base, a cream blush along the cheeks and high points, and then applied a cream highlighter to the apple of the cheeks and cheekbones. She finished off with a Cream Bronzor to frame the face. 


Forget everything you know about makeup. The Daisy Jones look is meant to be messy and imperfect, yet an effortless strong statement. That’s the 70s rock life for you.


Products for 70s Makeup Look


Klara Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics company based in Melbourne. Our professional-grade products feature 100% pigmentation for bold and blendable colours. 

Here’s how to recreate a classic 70s Makeup look at home with Klara Cosmetics. 

Eyeshadow Palettes 

eyeshadow palettes

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Highlighter Palette

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Our nifty combination Contour, Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter Palette is as convenient as it is beautiful. 

Recreate Daisy Jone’s creamy base makeup in a single palette. 


Matte Lipstick, Kiss Proof Lipstick

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Kiss Proof Lipstick - Liquid Matte Lipstick 

70s makeup was all about red lips and big statements. Our Kiss Proof Lipstick range is long-lasting and 100% pigmented for bright, bold and beautiful 24/7. 

To recreate the Daisy Jones look, we recommended the Kiss Proof Lipstick Matte Lipstick in the following shades: 

  • Sinful Burgundy 
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