The 2023 Goth Makeup Resurgence

The 2023 Goth Makeup Resurgence

It’s the anti-clean girl, Wednesday-fication of the beauty world. In 2023 Goth makeup is making a huge comeback and we are so ready for it. You have Goth Glam and Soft Goth, these modern twists on moody and spooky aesthetics have been spotted everywhere. From celebrities and red carpets to campaigns and runways, it seems like everyone is embracing an edgy streak of the dark side. 


What is Goth Makeup in 2023? 

Blame it on a recession, a post-covid world or Gen Z doomscrolling habits. That sad, pretty girl energy is being channelled into fashion and beauty. 

In an interview with Byrdie, makeup artist Marcello Gutierrez explains this  style transition best. "I think people are tired of looking perfect. I think we're living in like a more minimal [place] in terms of like application method. I think people are over, like, the 20-step, Kardashian [makeup]."

Soft goth is a contrast between feminine and gothy aesthetics, a departure from the hyper-feminine #bimbofication trends we had leaned into last year. On tiktok, new niche fashion trends have embraced darker depictions of femininity. Romantic, coquette style is taking on a darker hue, with frills, lace, ruffles and ribbons being paired with chunky platforms and dark makeup. There was also the ‘Ballerina Sleaze’ aesthetic, a tiktok trend that combined classic ballet pieces with off-kilter indie sleaze concepts, like smudged eyeliner and ripped stockings. 

Siren Makeup, sported by celebs like Bella Hadid and Alexa Demie, also embraces a more darker depiction of femininity, by emulating a sultry seductress feel through smokey angled eyeliner. 

On the other hand, Goth Glam isn't afraid of taking vampy aesthetics to a dramatic extreme. Think stylistic graphic liner, dark moody goth eye makeup, and black lips. Fashion designers and makeup artists aren't afraid to go there, and they’re going big. 

What Does Goth Makeup Look Like in 2023? 



You can’t talk goth without talking Jenna Ortega. The breakout star made waves with a modernised depiction of the Addams Family’s ‘Wednesday’, and her Tim Burton-esque moody look has lived well beyond her role in the hit Netflix show. 

Jenna Ortega embraced a soft goth style throughout her press tour, a choice that has worked to solidify this more melancholic energy in beauty culture.


She stunned at Saint Laurent’s Fall 2023 menswear show, wearing a high fashion Saint Laurent hooded gown and a strong lined eye. 


Goth eye makeup, goth makeup


For Netflix’s Wednesday premiere, Ortega walked the red carpet as a gothic bride, oozing dark glamour in a lingerie-style Versace dress and matching veil. She flaunted softly smudged eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow below the lash line for a moody makeup look that epitomises melancholy. 


goth eye makeup, goth makeup


This gloomy aesthetic isn’t exempt from the high fashion world. 2023 New York Fashion Week was rife with gothic influences.




The Sandy Liang Fall/Winter 23 show, headed by makeup artist Marcello Gutierrez, saw grungy liner on the water line and dark lips matched with flushed blushy cheeks and shimmery highlighter, the dichotomy between soft and goth came together for a transcendently gothic look.


nyfw, goth makeup


The Liang collection had a moody edge, with darker colours and bold silhouettes and black veils  balanced out by the cutesy details like oversized rosettes, rhinestone body tattoos, and hair bows.

The Rodarte Fall 2023 show also had a take on this soft goth makeup movement. Makeup artist James Kaliardos ran with the concept of "goth fairies". with black and blue lips and swan-like structural graphic eyeliner. 




This was one gothic fairy tale for the books, with out-there looks featuring elaborate beading, elfin ear cuffs and dramatically-sleeved lacy black gowns. 


While high fashion caught Goth fever, the celebrities are catching on. We’ve seen moody goth makeup and style choices all over this year’s biggest red carpets. 

Some standout looks at the 2023 Brit Awards include Salma Hayek, Harry Styles, Ellie Goulding and Kim Petras. 

Kim Petras posed in a black Valentino dress, a hood and dramatic spider eyeliner. 




Salma Hayek went goth rock in an asymmetrical black leather Alexander McQueen look and dark, smokey eyes. 




This year’s Grammy’s also seemed to be the year of the ‘Goth Bride’ with celebs donning dramatic black gowns, long trains and full veils, along with dramatically moody makeup looks.

Anitta’s vintage Versace Gown is a feat of meticulous hand embroidery, with a long, flowing black train and a bodice featuring leather and lace details. 




Doja Cat stunned in a form-fitting latex Versace gown, coordinated with theatrical opera gloves, dark lips and sharp eyeliner with bleached brows for a quintessential gothic glam look. 




But, of course, we couldn’t talk about makeup trends without delving into the Tiktok-verse. Gen Z TikTok creators are at the pulse of goth makeup and were no doubt an influence on this unstoppable gothic wave. 


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How to Apply Goth Makeup

Crayon Eyeliner

The trick to a soft gothic look is all in the eyes. Use a crayon eyeliner for that smudged, moody eye look so quintessential to the gothic aesthetic. A crayon eyeliner can be easily streaked and smeared with an eyeliner brush for perfectly imperfect makeup application. We recommended our 2-in-1 Line and Define set. 

Eyeshadow Palettes

 Go for dark and muted shades when choosing eyeshadow palettes in a gothic style. To create a smokey eye makeup look, you might like to go straight for a black shade, then move in with softer nudes and browns to create more definition. Our Pro Eyeshadow Palette #3 is ideal for those moody days.

Liquid Matte Lipstick

A goth makeup look isn’t complete without a bold lip. Always go for shady-tones in a liquid matte lipstick that will give your lips more definition and a deeper colour. You could go completely glam with a bold black lip, or mute it down for a softer gothic look with dark browns and vampiric reds. Our Kiss proof lipstick range is the go-to for highly-pigmented, long wear liquid matte lipstick. 


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