Easter Makeup Gift Set Ideas for Beauty Lovers

Easter Makeup Gift Set Ideas for Beauty Lovers

With hot cross buns and chocolate eggs lining the shelves, it’s clear to see that Easter weekend is fast approaching. Shopping for gifts is just another chore, and we’re all getting tired of the same old supermarket chocolate. But, if you’re wanting to really personalise your Easter gifts this year, we’re blessing you with the perfect gift guide for every type of makeup lover in your life. 

Pair personalised chocolate selections with beauty products to match. These inventive Easter Makeup Gift Sets will be a big winner these holidays. 

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Luxury Easter Makeup Gift Set Ideas

The Big Spender

makeup gift set

She’s dressed to the nines no matter the occasion, and when a gift isn’t to her standards she’s a regifting fiend. Finally impress that big spender in your life with a luxury easter makeup gift set.


Nothing says extravagance like luxury chocolates. Go for Belgium or Swiss chocolate brands, premium, organic ingredients, or local and artisan chocolatiers.   


The big spender is all about treating herself, so throw in a nice bottle of white wine, and some of our luxury skincare products from the native range. If there’s one thing to know about the big spender, it's that she’s always due for a night of quality self-care. Spa treatment is just the remedy.  

Native Collection is a Luxury skincare using all-natural ingredients indigenous to Australia. Add to your easter gift basket our Australian Pink Clay Face Mask. With naturally restorative and regenerative properties, it’s an indulgent luxury that’s sure to impress the big spender.  


fluffy headband, makeup gift set

No luxury spa night-in is complete without silky robes and a skincare headband to complete the look. To finish off this easter basket, throw in our glamourous fluffy headband


Trendy Easter Makeup Gift Set Ideas

The Risk Taker 

She isn’t afraid of changing up her style and shows up to every family function with the craziest makeup looks. Gift the Risktaker with something more daring this year, with this trendy easter makeup gift set idea.


Go for chocolates that make a big impression. Chilli chocolate, bacon chocolate, edible cricket chocolates, vegemite chocolate (remember that abomination?). The risktaker is the one person in the room game enough to give it a go. The wilder and the wackier, the better. 


The risk taker is all about experimenting with new looks, and she’ll need the right makeup gift set to live out her wildest visions. Pair your daring chocolate with a daring eyeshadow palette to match.

shimmer eyeshadow, makeup gift set

The 24 Shades Eyeshadow Palette - Malibu is the perfect pick, with bold, exciting colours in a hyper-pigmented finish. This shimmery eyeshadow palette is ideal for girls who love to mix it up with new looks and colours.

And make sure to throw into your makeup gift set a product that’s a little out of the ordinary. Cosmetic contact lenses are ideal for a girl who isn’t afraid of standing out. The Klara Cosmetics Siren Collection feature high-grade quality Cosmetic contact lenses that come in a stunning variety of colours. When paired with the shimmery eyeshadow palette, this product will give the risktaker a chance to really experiment with her makeup looks. Our Blue Contacts, in particular, make for a gorgeous Siren Gaze. 


Fun Easter Makeup Gift Set Ideas

The Party Animal

makeup gift set, easter gift

She’s the designated life of the party, and Easter Lunch gets rowdy when she arrives. Gift the Party Animal with a fun easter gift basket that gets the party started.


To kick off this fun easter makeup gift set, you absolutely can’t go wrong with alcohol-infused chocolate options. You could go for some more high-end alcoholic chocolate truffles or opt for a classic chocolate liquor from the bottle shop. 

lip plumper, makeup gift set

If there’s one thing the party animal needs in her makeup kit, it's a product that will go with her wherever the night takes her. Add to your easter makeup gift set our Klara Cosmetics X-treme lip plumper. It’s a highly effective gloss serum that gets you club-ready in an instant, with a fuller, plumper lip look to enhance your natural features. 

Finish this easter makeup gift set off with our gorgeous Diamond Kiss Proof Lipstick. This Euphoria style diamond gloss provides a beautifully iridescent, smudge-proof wear, so she can go out dancing all night long.


Skincare Easter Makeup Gift Set Ideas

The Skincare Fanatic

She’s religious about her skincare routine, and needs everyone to know it. Gift the Skincare fanatic a skincare easter makeup gift set that’s as easy on the skin as it is on the tastebuds. 


To start off this easter gift set, look out for chocolates made from raw cacao, or a high-percentage dark chocolate blend. Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative that contains anti-inflammatory properties, whereas chocolate options that are higher in fat and refined sugar compounds are more likely to trigger skin issues. Dark chocolate easter eggs are a skin-friendly go-to treat that she’s sure to appreciate. 

Add to the skincare easter makeup gift set some award-winning products from our Reset Range. This skincare bundle is an ideal option for any skincare regime. With naturally effective products that yield real results, the skincare fanatic is sure to be sold on this one.

Finish off the skincare easter makeup gift set with a trusty makeup mirror with lights. Our LED Makeup Mirror is convenient, portable, and a must-have for the daily skincare regime. For the girl that needs a hawk-eyed vision on every pore, this is a gift she’ll thank you for. 


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