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100% Colour pigmentation; what it is & why you should care

Our mission at Klara Cosmetics is to provide professional quality makeup at a price point that suits everyone. We aim to create products that will survive the day, that will last till the PM and stick by you through every challenge life throws at you (and yes there's been a few).  


So what's our secret? 

100% pigmentation

Let me break this makeup Jargon down for you. Pigmentation refers to the amount of concentration products are made with. To create long lasting products that will last, pigments are used in their highest possible concentration. 


A bit like us humans, pigments have a breaking point. The highest pigmentation before breaking point is 80%. Therefore, full pigmentation is considered when a product hits 80%. Unlike other drugstore, supermarket or pharmacy brands, Klara Cosmetics operates at FULL capacity with its pigmentation. To date, Klara Cosmetics is the only known company to be at full capacity with its pigmentation. 

100% colour pigmentation lipstick

So what's all the fuss about pigmentation anyway? 

  • The higher the pigmentation, the less product you need to achieve full coverage results (AKA, Less makeup needed upon application = less need to constantly re-purchase products $$$) Hello, savings! 
  • Higher pigmented products are more versatile. The higher the pigment, the more colour to play with, you just can't lose. 
  • Higher pigmented products stay on your face longer. So say goodbye to the need for constant touch up’s and transition from day to night glam effortlessly. 

Eyeshadow is a product that most commonly is described by its level of pigmentation. Because who doesn't want long lasting eyeshadow??? 

By utilising 100% pigmentation in our palettes, eyeshadow colours appear on the face as if they do when you see them online. No catfishing or intense editing required. This level of pigmentation means less fallout and more vibrant colours. Simply put, what you see is what you get!




When we say 100% pigmentation, we mean it. 

Try it for yourselves at https://klaracosmetics.com.au/makeup