How to find the HOTTEST cosmetics near you

How to find the HOTTEST cosmetics near you

How to find the hottest cosmetics near you

Looking for a beauty shop near you? Well, look no further! offers an easy way to find the best cosmetics near you.

Hi, I’m Leo from Klara Cosmetics and I’m going to share with you the keys to finding the right cosmetics company for everything you need...

1. Founder with integrity and proven track record

Klara Sabotkoski (her maiden name) is CEO & Founder of Klara Cosmetics Global, Sechi Hair Academy Australia and Eveboss.

She has over 20 years of experience in the Cosmetics industry as well as being Telstra's Business Woman of the Year finalist.

She has accumulated over 25 awards in Australia in the hair and beauty industry.

2. Company team

I'm going to introduce a few of them to you that are working in this office here today.

Everyone has a role and we work in customer service, marketing and my goal is to
serve you better and give you more value.

3. High quality professional products

Here are our award winners. 

1. Abu Dhabi 24 shade eyeshadow palette, is the best palette;

2. CC Cream - the best foundation.

3. Kiss-Proof Lipstick, is the best lipstick.

4. 101 BOX for the ultimate transformation makeup and skincare bundle, is the best pack and it has everything you need.

*For our stockists we have an awesome kit and bonus to grow your business more quickly and easily.

Learn more about stockists

3. Low cost and value for money.

You can get started for less than $20

4. Beauty tips.

we have an office here in Melbourne (North Williamstown) where you can visit us to get some beauty tips, test the products and get a great deal on your first purchase.

Online you can visit our website and Youtube channel to see the beauty and skincare tips...

5. We serve our loyal customers stockists and partners

We give great value, and empower you with the tools and resources to help you run your beauty businesses more successfully 

Contact us and discuss your needs
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6. Finally innovation is our trademark .

Klara wanted to understand why consumers and makeup professionals were disappointed with the results they got from typical cosmetic brands. Through her research, she realized that most brands offer products that leave the wearer with an oily application or pigmentations that looked unnatural and flat.

Her vision is to create a makeup that modern women want. Intense colours, flawless wear and superior professional results for every woman, every day.

After 4 years of intense preparation, she launched her new line, Klara Cosmetics. The innovative makeup line is a game changer. It is created entirely of colour pigmentation, giving a dramatic and high performance result that truly brings out everybody's beauty.

When we were starting out there was a problem in the products that were available in the market.

Klara wanted non oily professional quality, 100% pigmentation cosmetics , so over 4 years of development created the business, products and system we have here today!

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If you are looking to replace some of the beauty items on your dressing room table or want the beauty transformation of your dreams, visit Klara onsite or online at


Klara Cosmetics Team