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Our Top 5 Beauty Sins that Need to End

It’s no secret that we all have our flaws. I’m not talking about you thinking that you need a spray tan or your outrageous regrowth. I’m talking about the bad beauty habits that we do on a regular basis. We don’t even fully understand the crimes that we are committing. These sinful acts may be hindering our glow-up and anything that stands in the way of a glow-up, NEEDS to be squashed for good. 


Let's map out these bad habits in the hope to make them a thing of the past.


Beauty Sin #1 - Touching Your Face

My god, I am already shaking in my boots because I am GUILTY of this. I can’t keep my hands off myself. It’s a scandalous love affair that needs to end. Not only is it just plain childish but the amount of bacteria we spread from hands to face is incomprehensible. This can lead to unwanted breakouts, which can encourage the birth of more dreadful habits like pimple picking. Try to recognise it and catch yourself out to break this habit and use pimple patches as a shield from the ever-lurking phalanges. 


Beauty Sin #2 - Sleeping in Your Makeup

Okay, this is probably one of the worst ones and if you do it, you may as well just walk yourself over to the door of hell right now. Whilst you may be having peaceful dreams about being in the Bahamas, your skin is screaming for air as it chokes on your leftover Saturday night glam. Discipline yourself and take your makeup off no matter what the circumstances are. There are no excuses. If you don’t, you run the risk of breakouts, early on-set aging, dull, dehydrated and

irritated skin. Cleanse your face, ALWAYS!


Beauty Sin #3 - Using Makeup Wipes

We are now well and truly into the 21st century, where saving the world and its residents is the hot topic. Makeup wipes are outdated and horrible for the environment. They’re like that young kid at McDonalds that only fills up your chips to the halfway point - they don’t even do the job properly! Although it may look like they remove your makeup, they pretty much just end up smearing it around on your face and in some cases can be quite irritating. Try a Face Halo, a reusable makeup removing pad made with specifically engineered HaloTech fibres. They replace approximately 500 makeup wipes; all you need to do is add water and swipe your face clean.



Beauty Sin #4 - Washing Your Hair Way Too Much

This sin is somewhat controversial because I know so many people who can't deal with second day hair. But I’m sorry to break it to you... washing your hair too often is ruining the natural biome of your scalp. Essentially, you're stripping your scalp’s protective layer and unbalancing the pH level, leaving your hair flat and dull.


Beauty Sin #5 – Not Wearing Sunscreen

If there is one miracle anti-aging product that I can share with you, it’s sunscreen. Rain, hail or shine it is a non-negotiable! We all know that sun can cause major damage to the skin barrier, result in premature aging and tragically, skin cancer. Make this part of your daily routine. It’s usually the last step in any morning skincare regime or you can use a product that has SPF incorporated into it. Our Reset 3D Moisture range all contain SPF and are great worn on their own or paired with makeup!