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How To Use

Pro Palette - No.1

1. Prep your eyelids with Klara Cosmetics Eyeboost concealer.

2. Using the Klara Cosmetics Blend Me Eyeshadow Brush Place a light base colour all over the lid to ensure all colours blend together seamlessly.

3. Use a mid-tone eyeshadow as a transition colour on the crease of your eye.

4. To create dimension to the eyes, add the darkest shade on the outer corner of your eyes, blending well.

5. To enhance your eyes, apply a shimmer shadow to the centre of your lid and inner corner.

Mini Kiss Proof Lips - Seb Sabo

1. Use the Mini Kiss Proof Lips applicator to contour the lips by tracing along the upper and lower lip line. 

2. Then shade the inside using the flat surface side of the applicator.

3. Allow approximately 60 seconds for the colour to set and transform your lips into a kiss proof finish.

Line and Define 

Eye Liner How to: 

1. Start in the inner corner of your eye and flare outward for a winged eyeliner 

2. If you're really shaky on application, try first lining the eye in small dots and dashes. 

Eyebrow How to: 

1. Apply in hair like strokes on sparse areas using pointed side of pencil

2. Define and darken the end of the brow by adding more pressure