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Capture the essence of a desert romance and glow with femininity with Klara Cosmetics newest Gift Set.



How To Use

Limited Edition Eyeshadow - Desert Rose

1. Prep your eyelids with Klara Cosmetics Eyeboost concealer.

2. Using the Klara Cosmetics Blend Me Eyeshadow Brush Place a light base colour all over the lid to ensure all colours blend together seamlessly.

3. Use a mid-tone eyeshadow as a transition colour on the crease of your eye.

4. To create dimension to the eyes, add the darkest shade on the outer corner of your eyes, blending well.

5. Apply a shimmer shadow to the centre of your lid and inner corner.

Gel Glide On 

1. Sharpen before use, using the hidden sharpener in the barrel of the sponge - to achieve maximum precision.

2. For maximum control, apply in sharp and short strokes.

3. Use above or below your lash line or alternatively use it to define the inner/outer rims of your eyes.

For a smokey look, use the sponge to smudge the liner in the first 30 seconds before it sets.

Totally Lashed Out

1. Start the application from the base of the lash, gently combing through the wand to the tips.

If desires, build the length through an extra coat for a more dramatic finish.