How To Use Prime and Set Setting Spray

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Give your skin a boost of radiance with our brand-new Watermelon Splash which can be used both as a 24-hour make-up setting spray or as a hydrating spray whenever your skin needs a dewy boost. With all the topical benefits of watermelon, this spray instantly soothes and refreshes your skin. Wear alone to achieve a fresh no-makeup look or spray it before/after makeup to effortlessly set and perfect your makeup application!

How To Use

1. Shake well before each use.

For a hydrating boost, apply one to three sprays onto your face before makeup application.

After makeup application or any time during the day, close your eyes and mist over the face to revive your glow instantly.


Professional Tip

Spray your makeup brush when applying Klara Cosmetics powder highlights or shimmer eyeshadows to get a the most intense colour pay-off.