How To Use Lip Kit

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Klara Cosmetics' LIP KIT is the ultimate combination of colours, featuring two wearable liquid matte lipsticks and a universal lip liner. The ultra-creamy lip liner is perfect to define your lips before applying your desired Mini Kiss Proof.


How To Use

Lip Liner How-to

1. Define cupids bow by drawing X on the top of your lips

2. Outline your natural lip line, following to the corner 

Kiss Proof Mini How-To

1. Use the Kiss Proof Lips applicator to contour the lips by tracing along the upper and lower lip line. 

2. Then shade the inside using the flat surface side of the applicator.

3. Allow approximately 60 seconds for the colour to set and transform your lips into a kiss proof finish.

Professional Tip

To over line your lips with a more realistic look, follow your natural lip line and then draw a fraction above your cupids bow and the middle of your bottom lip, creating a fuller look.