How To Use Foundation Stick

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Klara Cosmetics' Foundation Stick is a cream formula perfect if you want full coverage yet breathable skin. Highly pigmented, the Foundation Stick coveres imperfections whilse soothing your pores without creasing and leaving your skin looking 'cakey'.

How To Use

1. Apply directly from the stick over moisturised, prepped skin.

2. Draw several strokes across forehead, chin, cheeks and down the bridge of the nose.

3. For a seamless finish, use your fingertips in circular motions to blend it.

4. Alternatively blend it using a damp beauty sponge or brush.

Build according to the desired coverage.

Professional Tip

Using the warmth of you ring finger, apply the foundation underneath your eye as your concealer.  Our 100% colour pigmentation formula ensures for the coverage to cover any discolouration or dark spot underneath eyes. The warmth of your finger will blend out the foundation seamlessly.