How To Use Brow Studio

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Perfect any brow look with the all-in-one brow studio that would help you sculpt, define and shade the perfect brows.  This multi-use product consists of a water-resistant and fade-proof brow gel that will help you achieve just the right shape with its smooth formula. The powders can be customised to create the ideal shade and make your eyebrows look as full as you like. Also contains a brow push-up and highlighter to create a lifting illusion under your brow bone.



How To Use

1. Start by filling in the front of your brows with the lighter powder shade. 

2. Fill in and extend the end of your brows with the darker powder shade.

3. Use your desired brow gel to define or fill in any sparse areas of the brows.

4. Highlight your brow bone with the brow push up giving it an instant lift.


Professional Tip

Using the darker brow gel with the angle side of the brush that is included, draw in individual hairs where your eyebrows are sparse to create a fuller eyebrow.