What Your Fave Euphoria Makeup Look Says About You

What Your Fave Euphoria Makeup Look Says About You

It’s the gritty teen drama that bought back graphic liner, diamonte studs and glitter - pounds and pounds of glitter. Every Euphoria Makeup Look is a true work of art.

We see those Euphoria makeup looks sitting in your Pinterest inspiration board, collecting dust, but there’s nothing stopping you from living out your main character moment. 

And, if there’s anything Euphoria has taught us, even the school halls can be made your runway.


At Klara Cosmetics, we strive to give every woman their chance to shine. We’ve all fallen in love with these Euphoria Makeup moments on the big screen, but now we’re making it possible to recreate it from home too.




Our Liquid Eyeshadow Euphoria Collection is a high-pigmented, quick-drying formula that casts an incredible, Swarovski crystal-like glitter sheen. Coming in 6 gorgeously decadent shades, be cheer practice / cat-fight / calculus class ready at a moment's notice. 

Here’s some iconic Euphoria Makeup Moments, and what your favourite says about you.


New Year, New Me

Maddy’s silvery frosted makeup look set the tone for the start of the season - New Year, New Me. 

With Silver Liquid Eyeshadow and fierce Siren Eye makeup with a sharp, lined eye, your girl dominated the party with powerful poise. 

If this is your favourite Euphoria Makeup Look, we shouldn’t let anyone stand in your way. You’re a striking viper, darkly feminine, self-assured and combative. If anything serves to threaten the empire you’ve built for yourself, you fight to set things right. However, behind the tough girl image, you’re deeply caring, and a pillar of support for those lucky enough to know your true self. 



Cheer Practice

Maddy and Cassie’s cheer practice ensemble had us all in a chokehold. Swan-like graphic liner and crystal details made this visionary Euphoria Makeup Look one to remember. When paired with Green Liquid Eyeshadow, we can’t blame you for falling in love with this iconic makeup moment. 


If this is your favourite Euphoria Makeup Look, we can tell you’re the star of your own show. Yes, you love the attention, but who said there’s anything wrong with that? Theatrical, gossipy and passionate, what your report card calls “disruptive” is just code for “fun”.  


Glitter Tears

It’s the signature Euphoria Makeup look, and it’s signature for a reason: Rue’s glitter eyeshadow tears are a work of show-stopping make artistry. Achieved using pink liquid eyeshadow with glitter flakes, now we know that even a good cry-sesh can look cool.


If this is your favourite Euphoria Makeup Look, we know you could catch a break. Times are tough for you, and you try to bottle it all in. But, just like Rue, you’re learning to open up to your friends and to trust those who love you.


New Wave Colour Pop

Makeup is Jules’ playground, and we’re all just coming along for the ride. In this iconic Halloween Juliet moment, Jules pairs gold glitter eyeshadow details with orange and pink eyeshadow, which gorgeously works to elevate this angelic look. 


If this is your favourite Euphoria Makeup Look, we should be coming to you for all the advice. You’re never afraid to reinvent your image, and you’re always the first to try new things. You’re a visionary who moves to the beat of your own drum, and to that, we say keep doing what you're doing!



Want to recreate these looks for your next 'main character moment?'  Check out our brand new Euphoria Liquid Eyeshadow Collection today!




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