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Master the TikTok Siren Makeup Trend

Siren makeup. It’s seductive, it’s sultry, it’s sexy. This makeup trend completely took off on Tiktok, and we’re still seeing it all over our feeds. Emrata, Alexa Demie, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid - it seems like all our fave celebs are embracing their “villain eras” with this dangerously sultry look. But you don’t need a style team for this one. Siren makeup can be effortlessly replicated from home. 

In Greek mythology, sirens are enchanting sea songstresses whose music would lure tempted sailors to their deaths. In modern terms, a siren is defined as a seductive, alluring woman who holds a slightly dangerous, yet powerful, energy. For those ready to embrace their “dark feminine” sides, siren makeup is the look to go for right now. With the hero being that dramatically smokey lined eye, it’s a fierce yet feminine makeup technique that elongates, narrows and lifts your eye into a more feline, fox-like shape. Smokey eye makeup looks are so classic, and this dramatic take is so worth a try for your next night out on the prowl. 

Follow our easy tips to give this powerful look a go. Klara Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics store with perfect options for all day and all night eyeshadow looks. 



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To achieve that pristine, sharp and snatched look it’s totally worth changing up your eyebrow shape. It might seem scary at first, but for the illusion of elongated, lifted eyes, your eyebrow shape will make all the difference to your eye makeup look. Aim for a more angular shape by shaving or plucking the downward tail of your eyebrow. You can then go in and sharpen the edges with a brow pencil. This will allow you to achieve that ‘lifted’ supermodel look, and will further accentuate your sharp smoky eyeliner. 

Take Bella Hadid for example! She's been giving us some bold eyebrow action lately. 



We recommend tackling two in one with our Line and Define eyeliner and eyebrow crayon set. This angled eyebrow crayon is perfect for achieving that sharp look we’re going for with siren makeup.  



To achieve that smokey effect that makes siren makeup so seductively powerful, it’s important to get this eyeshadow look right. The sharper your eyeshadow the better, so to make this process easier it might be helpful to use tape as a guide. Using makeup tape, apply from the outer edge of your eye in a diagonal to your temple. Use this as a guide for your eyeshadow brush. 

Using a brown eyeshadow, create a diffused winged shape on the eye’s outer crease. You can go in again with a smaller blending brush and a deeper brown colour on the outer edge of the lash line to give your eyeshadow looks more dimension and shape. Remove the tape to reveal a pristine sharp lined shadow, and touch up if needed.  

siren makeup eyeshadow looks

For smokey eye makeup looks, our 100% pigmented eyeshadows are incredible for definition and colour. 

We recommended our Queen of the Nile Eyeshadow Palette for a truly seductive siren makeup. The deep tones of this palette are essential for capturing that dark, powerful look we’re going for. 



Siren makeup, eye makeup looks

Your eyeliner is the hero of this look and is what will define that fox-like look. After some practice, this technique will be like muscle memory. 

Starting from the outer third of your eye, follow your eyeshadow to create a wing using either a deep brown or black eyeliner. A liquid eyeliner will give you a sharper wing for a more pristine eye makeup look, but you could also go for a pencil liner instead if you’re wanting a softer look. Using a pencil brush, smudge out the liner and use more brown eyeshadow as needed to blend the liner into your eyeshadow. This will give you that smoky look we’re going for.

Add eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye in a v-shape. Here you could also add some shimmer to highlight the area. This will help create a more elongated, uplifted effect on your makeup.   

Alexa Demie has been serving this look for years. 



Pick up your convenient Line and Define eyeliner and eyebrow crayon set again for an amazing smudge proof eyeliner that can achieve the sharp lines that define siren makeup.



To enhance this sultry look further, consider using lash extensions to elongate the eye. Apply half lashes to the outer corner of your eyes then, using mascara, sweep your lashes to the side rather than forward. This will add so much definition to your sharp eyeshadow and liner, achieving that foxy ‘lifted’ eye illusion.

siren makeup

We recommend our La La Lashes Siren false eyelashes. These are an instant go-to for a seductively sultry eye. 



kiss proof lipstick, siren makeup

To finish off this look, we recommend continuing that darker, seductive theme with a deep lip colour. Start with a dark brown liner before filling in and blending with lipstick or gloss. Dark lip liner is the perfect way to add more definition to your lip, and it’s this seductive lip colour that will emit such a powerful feminine energy. 

Doja Cat shows us how it's done (as always) 



We would go for the Kiss Proof Liquid Matte Lipstick in a darker shade, such as Chocolate temptation, to bring together this dark feminine look. 



Cosmetic contact lenses, siren eyes

A lighter eye will juxtapose your dark makeup, creating a super alluring and fascinating look. If you want to take this look another step, consider trying out cosmetic contact lenses. Insert contact lenses before applying makeup, make sure they have been packaged in the correct solution and always test these lenses beforehand to mitigate eye irritation. 

Nicki Minaj is always experimenting with different eye colours, and she made her siren makeup look pop at the 2022 Met Gala. 



Our Klara Cosmetics contact lenses are flying off the shelf right now. Coming in Jade contact lenses, Blue Grey contact lenses or Blue contact lenses, our range is perfectly suited to whatever look you’re going for.  


Siren Makeup is a simple, yet effective technique that will elevate your style to whole new levels. After some practice, you will be the most seductive, mysterious woman in the room.

At Klara cosmetics we always have our finger on the pulse of the trends. Shop our our professional cosmetics range and elevate all the trending looks with highly pigmented, professional grade cosmetics.


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