Essential steps into getting completely nude….. Makeup look!

Essential steps into getting completely nude….. Makeup look!

As we begin to move out the cold, wintery months here in Australia into the blistering, sunny heat we start to search for makeup that is going to sit a lot lighter, easier and apply makeup that is less prone to fading off your face and skin. Summer is the start of letting your natural, fresh, radiant skin shine through in order to soak in the beautiful sunshine but that doesn't mean you have to wear no makeup at all.

I am here to guide you through achieving the infamous nude makeup or the no makeup makeup look. Nude makeup is all about enhancing your natural features, letting your beauty spots, freckles and any other signs of naturality shine through. Nude makeup has such versatility that it really does suit anyone. From soft makeup by adding a delicate natural shimmer to your eyes to dramatically grunge with blackest of blacks eyeliner in the waterline to seductive with the elegantly creamy peachy nude lip glosses for the most kissable pout. The options are limitless!!

Before that, the number one most essential step in creating a flawless filter nude makeup look is all about the skin. Heat, sun and sweat can all work together to cause your makeup to fade, slip and melt away, so prepping the skin will ensure that it will stay in place all day and will not budge. Prepping allows for softer, smoother application as this is your faces time to shine (quite literally) granting glowy, dewy, goodness to come through. Prep your skin with your fave moisturiser or primer and do not forget your SPF sunscreen, got to have you looking younger and brighter for longer!

Once your skin is, in the words of rihanna shining bright like a diamond, you can do a few things:

Option 1: Grab a lightweight light to medium coverage foundation or Klara Cosmetics Pressed Powder

Start applying in small 5 cent piece amounts to any problem areas or areas you wish to cover - remember less is more - and go on to blend that out around your face lightly to allow for minimal product to be used.

Option 2: Go in with a BB cream or Klara Cosmetics CC Cream 8 in1 mineral foundation.

Not only is it long wearing but it has a sheer, silky, lightweight formula that won't have you believing that you have anything on your face. It will even out your skin tone and reduce any redness that you may have, illuminating your natural skin.

Option 3: Go bare. Prep and prime with Klara Cosmetics Watermelon Setting Spray

And you can leave it at that - radiating your own healthy glow.

From then your makeup bag is your oyster (get it?) To better achieve the nude makeup look you can do some or all of the following:

1: Add a light strobe of beaming highlight across the high points of your face and the inner corner of your eye to truly glow the day away with KC’s Seflie Queen highlight palette.

2: Add a hint of a creamy matte or shimmery rosey toned blush to give yourself that summery, water kissed flush across the cheeks using Klara Cosmetics’s Untamable blush trio palette.

3: Give yourself some instant fluffy brows with a setting brow gel and a fine tipped eyebrow pencil to allude to big, bold brows

4: Simply just put on your best lip gloss or our lip glass lipstick and head out that door.

5: Pick a gorgeously rich brown eyeshadow and give yourself a subtle, thin eyeliner wing to add some