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5 Tips for Strong and Healthy Hair

Amidst the bustle of work, friends, family and life in general, we tend to forget to take care of our hair. It’s constantly exposed to pollution in the air, harsh UV rays, heat and friction. Regardless of what type of hair you have – be it curly, straight or wavy – these tips are universal to absolutely everyone so we can start giving our locks the loving attention it deserves.


Tip 1: Wash your hair less!


We all love that feeling of freshly washed, clean hair – but as good as it feels, it damages your hair over time. Washing your hair frequently strips the natural oils from your scalp and can leave your hair/scalp very dry.

However, there are heaps of solutions to help you get through the no-wash days. You can opt for dry shampoo to spruce up your hair, and it also works to get absorb all the excess oil that is produced. If you’re still tempted to shampoo the life out of your scalp, combat this by styling your hair! When you curl your hair after it’s freshly washed, it is often very silky and consequently curls don’t hold as long. By dolling up, you can feel and look great! If heat isn’t your thing, putting your locks in braids is also an option.


Tip 2: Don’t sleep with your hair wet or put your hair up when it’s wet. 


Several articles have confirmed that wet hair is much weaker than dry hair, so be extra mindful after you’ve washed it! Don’t go to bed with moist hair, and especially don’t wear it up – both will lead to broken hair!


Tip 3: Following on, dry your hair naturally when you can, or in a cool setting with your blow dryer. 


Heat is your hair’s number one enemy, and can lead to split-ends and brittle hair.


Tip 4: Try silk pillowcases


While you’re getting your beauty sleep, your hair might be suffering! Silk pillowcases come with an array of benefits such as the reduction of friction and its role in helping hair retain its moisture. Thanks to its smooth texture, there is simply no friction, meaning your skin doesn’t rub against anything rough and your hair doesn’t snag or tangle. Another benefit is that silk absorbs less moisture than cotton, therefore your hair is able to retain more of its moisture overnight.


Tip 5: Diet and Hydration is important!

Though this tip is a no-brainer, we often forget that what we put in is what we get out. We can’t expect a healthy, strong body if we don’t fuel it with water or nutrients. And the same goes for healthy and strong hair! So what are you waiting for ladies? Drink your water intake for the day and eat balanced meals.