How To Use Reset Gel Instant New Skin

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Our brand-new, ground-breaking gel is formulated to mimic a microdermabrasion treatment in a bottle. It's advanced formula helps boost moisture levels in the skin and works to fight redness and inflammation. Reset exfoliates the skin by buffing away dead skin cells and unblocking pores resulting in smooth, radiant skin.


How To Use

1. Dab Reset onto the face and rub in a circular motion, working from the forehead down to the chin until residue is removed.

2. Allow skin to set for two minutes. Your skin will feel softer and more subtle, revealing your Reset skin.

3. Excess residue may be rinsed or simply wiped away with a tissue.

Suitable for both FACE and BODY.

Professional Tip

Concentrate Reset Instant New Skin on dry areas of the face or body to hydrate and clear any built up of dead skin cells on your, elbows, hands or arms.