So…… who’s ready to meet our second contributor to the Summer Beauty Series?! Queen of Style and Mega Beauty Babe, Courtney Vazey, joins Klara Cosmetics to share her summer makeup secrets and how to avoid that dreaded ‘makeup melt’ that we’re sure all you Klara Addicts have had to deal with…. I mean who hasn’t? But do not fear @ohcourture is here, and we are loving her beauty hacks!

Now, to hand over to Courtney……

Hey there, my name is Courtney and I am the founder / owner of OhCourture – a Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog! I was born in Sydney, Australia but have lived in Auckland, New Zealand for the majority of my life – often jumping back and forth for holidays as I adore Australia so much! Who doesn’t right?

I began sharing my passion for style, beauty and lifestyle on Instagram! It was just a hobby at first, but then, like a dream come true, it opened up opportunities for me to work with amazing brands and connect with incredible people with similar passions. I love waking up everyday and being able to do exactly what I love. Play dress up, take photos, be creative with my vision, and work with companies I always dreamed of collaborating with. I mean talk about living the life right.  😋

With all of the photos I do, it’s important for me to have clear, flawless make up all day long! Especially in the summer! Nothing worse than having makeup half melting off…..or a face where summer glow is taken to a whole new level…. and I’m talking a level you don’t want to reach….. I’m sure all my beauty loving babes know what I mean!

Aside from shooting my daily content photos, you can find me going on mini nature adventures and hikes, swimming in the ocean, brunching on outdoor patios in the city, and (most of all) enjoying a rosè or two in the sun. With all of this outdoor activity under the summer sun, it’s important to have a regime that keeps my make up in place all day – protection from the heat and humidity is key!


First and foremost, I always start by washing my face with a cleanser. This gives your make up a clean surface to work with. I then apply a toner and a SPF moisturiser (even if there are clouds, SPF is a necessity)! Once my moisturiser is set I apply a primer. I find priming after moisturising really helps keep my skin extra soft and creates a great base for my foundation. I do a quick lip scrub to exfoliate my lips and then apply a few layers of lip balm to keep my lips moisturised until I get to my lips at the end of my routine.

Once all my prep is done, I do my foundation (light or heavy depending on my day), next is my concealer, which I bake for 5 minutes with a loose powder. While my concealer bakes I fill in my brows, curl my eyelashes (I heat my lash curler a little with my hair dryer as I find it helps hold the curl!), apply mascara and then brush off the loose powder I was using to bake the concealer.

This next step is something I found helps keep my make up locked tightly into place for hot days! I spray my face with a setting spray before moving onto bronzer, then blush (self diagnosed blush addict) and finally highlighting. Once those steps are done I do another spritz of setting spray, add some lip liner and whatever lipstick colour I am feeling that day (regardless of the colour, I always a wear a matte lipstick) and we are done!

Somedays I will add a shimmer eyeshadow to my eyelids for more glow, or gloss to my lips for a lovely summer vibe. Now, I know it seems like a lot of steps but I have honestly done this routine for as long as I can remember and I can be out the door within 25 minutes! Record timing right? I always pack a setting spray into my hand bag in case I need to top up any blush or highlight that has moved + have a hydrating spritz over my face. It also gives your glow an extra kick.

A big key to keeping your skin glowing during summer is staying hydrated. I drink 2-3 litres of water a day, everyday. I don’t leave the house without a water bottle, as well as having my setting spray with me at all times! These two are my holy grails for having dewy, clean, perfect make up and skin through out summer!

I hope you enjoyed reading my go to summer make up routine and the tricks I use to keep the make up in place all day and glowing!

Much Love Courtney / / @OhCourture


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