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Where: India

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Gingerbread and Christmas trees might seem common place around the holiday season, but you can expect to see banana or mango trees decorated in India. A place where modern, ‘western’ traditions and Catholic/Hindi customs amalgam together. Where the clamour of Christmas carols and festive short stories reverberate through the villages and oil burning clay lamps and Poinsettia flowers decorate churches for Christmas Eve Midnight Mass. Strip back all of the joviality, and the magic of Christmas in India lies in the time dedicated to reflection and spreading joy among others.

For beauty junkie, Trisha Chatterjee the holidays aren’t just for feasting and festive lights. This glimmering shimmering mademoiselle reveals some of her most memorable moments shared with family and friends (wearing a bold lip, obviously).

Holiday cheer starts here.


Klara Cosmetics: What do you love most about Christmas?

Trisha Chatterjee: I am fascinated by the decorations… snowman, Santa and just the whole feel around Christmas. Winter’s cold breeze makes Christmas Eve such a significant time of the year to celebrate.


Klara Cosmetics: How are you planning to celebrate Christmas this year?

Trisha Chatterjee: I am going to decorate the Christmas tree at my house. I will also host a special dinner at my house, and will be having few close friends over to be part of this Eve.


Klara Cosmetics: Any Christmas traditions that you hold very close to your heart?

Trisha Chatterjee: Certainly. the carols we prepare to sing with friends and family. The chorus “jingle bells jingle bells” fills my heart with joy.


Klara Cosmetics: Tell us about your favourite look for the holidays?

Trisha Chatterjee: My all time favourite look is neutral eyes, bold lips and cheek bones filled with highlighter.


Klara Cosmetics: When the holiday season is over, how do you like to pamper yourself?

Trisha Chatterjee: I am a mask girl. I love to [use] a mask every other day, and keep the moisturiser up.   


Klara Cosmetics: What are your best tips for long-lasting holiday makeup?

Trisha Chatterjee: Use a good primer and choose long staying products.


Klara Cosmetics: What beauty trends do you hope for in 2019?

Trisha Chatterjee: I feel like people are changing the way they contour. Most prefer glowy, dewy and well hydrated looking skin over a matte look.


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