K-mas Around the World – Natalie Shaw


Where: Gold Coast

Who: Natalie Shaw (@natshaw_xx)


Out comes the archived tinsel and clay tree decorations. The smell of summer fruits fills the air and we have well and truly said goodbye to our calorie counting days, making way for all of the frosted icing cakes and cookies grandma brings out only in December (we’re not complaining). Aside from this, our favourite part of Christmas is finding out how our favourite beauty junkies share in the holiday spirit.

Our go-to glow girl, Natalie Shaw is the angel on top of our Christmas tree. The bikini clad Gold Coast lady of leisure tell us how she spends the holiday’s. Without further ado, scroll down.


Klara Cosmetics: What do you love most about Christmas?

Natalie Shaw: I love how much love is in the air during the festive season. I love nothing more than giving and seeing my loved ones happy.


Klara Cosmetics: How are you planning to celebrate Christmas this year?

Natalie Shaw: It is first Christmas in a long time with my Nana from the UK, so I’m super super excited this year as it will be spent with all my family around and lots of good memories to be made.


Klara Cosmetics: Any Christmas traditions that you hold very close to your heart?

Natalie Shaw: Not particularly, however we all have to wear Christmas themed clothes, hats and sunglasses and we also have a water fight on Christmas Day.


Klara Cosmetics: Tell us about your favourite look for the holidays?

Natalie Shaw: Red lips! There’s nothing more festive than a red lip in my opinion.


Klara Cosmetics: When the holiday season is over, how do you like to pamper yourself?

Natalie Shaw: Just take some time to chill out and relax


Klara Cosmetics: What are your best tips for long lasting holiday makeup?

Natalie Shaw: A good setting spray, powder and long wearing products that are suitable to your skin type.Image-12


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