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Where: Singapore

IG: @beautywithcal

For a couple of days towards the end of each year, the whole world adopts a magic glow. While there might not be Reindeers or real snow, Singapore is spectacularly lit up at Christmas. It’s a man made winter wonderland. The diverse and varying cultures come together on one island to embrace the festive food, elaborate light displays and retail therapy (did some say ‘SALE’?). 

Dearly beloved, as we immerse ourselves in the warm holiday spirit, we’ve decided to take you along with us. We’re calling it ‘K-Mas Around the World’. Next stop – Singapore, to speak with natural beauty, Calista Low. Read on to find out why we love Christmas (and Calista) so much. 

Klara Cosmetics: What do you love most about Christmas? 

Calista Low: Food, gifts and of course, the joyous vibes. I love to see everyone having a great time celebrating the festive season. It makes my heart feel warm just being with my loved ones. 

Klara Cosmetics: How are you planning to celebrate Christmas this year? 

Calista Low: Nothing exciting this year. A small gathering at home and maybe heading out to the streets [to see the] Christmas lights. There is a beautiful Cartier Ferris wheel right outside a luxury shopping centre located at the epicenter of Singapore. 

Klara Cosmetics: Are there any Christmas traditions that you hold very close to your heart? 

Calista Low: Family dinner at home and definitely having a Christmas tree on display. 

Klara Cosmetics: Tell us about your favourite look for the holidays?

Calista Low: Red lips! 

Klara Cosmetics: When the holiday season is over, how do you like to pamper yourself? 

Calista Low: I think taking good care of my overall well-being is my way of pampering myself. I’ll go for healthier food options to compensate all of the indulgence during the holidays. I can’t say no to chocolate and cake! Also, paying more attention to skincare and cutting back on makeup. 

Klara Cosmetics: What are your best tips for long-lasting holiday makeup? 

Calista Low: Go for Klara Cosmetics Diamond Kiss Proof Lipstick in Red. It’s my favourite shade. You can watch my review (https://youtu.be/LhaWKEH9MdU). Also, be sure to keep your skin hydrated, mattify your foundation and use an eyeshadow primer. 

Klara Cosmetics: What beauty trends do you hope will return in 2019? 

Calista Low: To be honest, I don’t know! I do hope that we can embrace our natural beauty and not be so harsh on ourselves to keep up the so-called “beauty standards”. 





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