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Where: Australia

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We talk to our favourite beauty muses’ from all around the world and ask what their favourite Christmas traditions are and we reckon they’re guaranteed to put you in the festive spirit. 

Australian’s definitely have a unique way of sharing the holiday cheer. Tan lines and sparkling wine aside, we ask our favourite Aussie beach bum, Brooke Styles how she celebrates at her family’s property on the Sunshine Coast.

When it comes to beauty and ringing in the New Year, if there’s one look that screams ‘happy holiday’s’ it’s a red lip and Brooke agrees unequivocally. You know the drill, scroll down to read.


Klara Cosmetics: What do you love most about Christmas?

Brooke Styles: Being with my family. I don’t have a big family, but since my life is a little busy, Christmas is the one time we know we’ll all be in one room together.


Klara Cosmetics: How are you planning to celebrate Christmas this year?

Brooke Styles: Australian style! A BBQ on the farm, with a tarp water slide into the pool. Oh and letting grandma have a few too many champagnes…whoops!


Klara Cosmetics: Are there any Christmas traditions that you hold very close to your heart?

Brooke Styles: We have a few family recipes that only come out at Christmas and it’s definitely worth the wait each year.


Klara Cosmetics: Tell us about your favourite look for the holidays?

Brooke Styles: I always love a bold red lip. Every year I wear my Klara Mini Kiss Proof Lipstick in red and it lasts through Christmas lunch and jumping in the pool with the little ones.


Klara Cosmetics: When the holiday season is over, how do you like to pamper yourself?

Brooke Styles: More like a detox… After so much food, my mornings are filled with Pilates and smoothies. I also like to take care of my skin during this time, [as I wear] so much makeup for all different occasions. A good deep moisturiser and a gritty scrub to wash off those party nights.


Klara Cosmetics: What are you best tips for long lasting holiday makeup?

Brooke Styles: I try to keep away from heavy eye makeup for day events. My go-to look is a bold lip, simple matte eyeshadow and a good wing.


Klara Cosmetics: What beauty trends do you hope will make a return in 2019?

Brooke Styles: I really hope the cat eye makes a big return next year. Especially with a bold lip, I love colour.

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