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Where: Dubai

Who: Asma Lootah (@by_asmalootah)


Fifteen more sleeps ‘til unwrapping gifts; hanging stockings; big fat meals with the family and of course ugly sweaters. Yep, that’s right! Christmas is around the corner and we are thrilled to chat to beauty goddess, Asma about how she is celebrating Christmas this year and what beauty trends and looks she will be following this holiday season. All the way from Dubai, shares her latest beauty obsessions – all things glitter and shine!


Klara Cosmetics: What do you love most about Christmas?

Asma Lootah: As a Muslim, I do not celebrate Christmas, however, we love to share the spirit of joy and giving with our friends who celebrate.


Klara Cosmetics: How are you planning to celebrate Christmas this year?

Asma Lootah: During the holiday season, Dubai hosts many events for families in public places like malls and parks. So, it is nice to go out specially because the weather is amazing during time in Dubai. We also like to send our warm greetings to everyone who celebrates and share the joy with them.


Klara Cosmetics: Tell us about your Christmas look last year.

Asma Lootah: I love using glitter liner combined with soft pink shades. It is so wearable and festive at the same time!


Klara Cosmetics: How do you like to prep your skin before a party?

Asma Lootah: I always apply a face mask the night before to refresh and hydrate my skin. A moisturizer is a must before applying makeup.


Klara Cosmetics: What are your best tips for holiday makeup?

Asma Lootah: Go big or go home! I love glitter and I am addicted to it. Nothing screams holidays or parties more than glitter!


Klara Cosmetics: What beauty trends do you hope for in 2019?

Asma Lootah: I hope that glossy lips will become more popular.

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