How To: Your new go to Summer Look with @thanhtheman


So… say we are obsessed with @thanhtheman at the moment would be an understatement! She is the crème de la crème of makeup artists, painting the faces of the most established and burgeoning Australian models and influencers. Based in Sydney, Thanh Vo’s portfolio speaks for itself! Highlighted cheekbones, and feathery, defined brows are abound in her repertoire of beauty looks. We would be lying if we said we did not get a little excited when she agreed to share insight into her talents!

This summer look, if it isn’t already, will be your go to after @thanhtheman’s step by step tutorial! @sarahsaidsmith screams Victoria’s Secret vibes and you too can achieve your very own dewy, bronzed, glow! Excited yet? We certainly are……


Step 1: Skin Prep


Cleanse the skin and apply a thin layer of Reset Glow. This will ensure your skin is hydrated and give your skin a glow from within.

 reset glow (2)      Reset glow

Step 2: Eyes


Using Watermelon Splash, spray the matte contour and bronze shades within the Dirty Lies palette. Spraying the eyeshadow/contour palette will increase pigment of the eyeshadow. Alternatively, you can also use Watermelon Splash to spray your brush before using the product. This also enhances and amplify’s pigmentation. Using a fluffy brush apply colour to eyelids and blend. Deepen the eyes with some black or brown eyeliner.

 IMG_0852      IMG_0854

Step 3: Eye Shimmer


Amp up the look using the London palette from the Fashion Victim Collection. Spray the highlighter shade with Watermelon Splash, using a flat eyeshadow brush and press onto lids.

 IMG_1100     shimmer

Step 4: Base


Apply a light layer of foundation and buff into the skin using a damp beauty sponge. For extra coverage in certain areas, go in with concealer. Buff into skin.


Step 5: Cheeks


Using a big powder brush, apply the matte contour/bronzer shade from the Dirty Lies palette onto your cheeks, just under the cheek bone. The big brush will give you a softer contour while adding warmth to the skin.

IMG_0880 IMG_0881


Step 6: Highlighter


Using Watermelon Splash for an intense summer glow, spray the highlighter shade from the Dirty Lies palette. Using a fluffy brush apply the highlighter to the highpoints of the face – cheek bones, bridge of nose, brow bone, inner corner of eyes and cupids bow.

IMG_0874    IMG_0873


Step 7: Mascara


Curl lashes and apply a thick coat of Totally Lashed Out mascara to top and bottom lashes.

IMG_0892  IMG_0891

Step 8: Lips


Finish the look with the Kiss Proof Lipstick in Naughty Nude. For more of a glossy finish to the lips add some Lip Glass in Clear Quartz.

IMG_0898     IMG_0906

Step 9: Watermelon Splash


Set the makeup look using the Watermelon Splash spray.

Love Thanh,



before        IMG_0984

BEFORE                                                   AFTER



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