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“Makeup is not about what you should wear, it’s about what makes you comfortable and what brings the most out of you. After all only confidence is what makes us feel pretty and that’s what I like to achieve.”  – @stellatumakeup

She is the master of highlighting, connoisseur of contouring, known for her ability to create flawless, glowing skin. Stella’s ‘fresh faced’ approach to makeup sets her apart from artist’s alike within the industry. Specialising in both hair and makeup across the bridal and fashion industries her enviable brows, contoured cheeks and vibrant lips provide ultimate beauty inspiration.

@stellatumakeup joins Klara Cosmetics for a chat on how she begun her journey in makeup, her biggest inspirations and how she celebrates the Lunar New Year!

Klara Cosmetics: How did you start off your career as a makeup artist? What is your favourite aspect of the job?

Stella: I completed my makeup course 10 years ago now, but I really only started my freelance career about 5 years ago after doing makeup on and off.  I then decided I want to be serious about my hobbies and career. It takes a lot of work and determination to get to where I am now, getting in to retail to gain more experience of doing makeup, going to different workshops to learn different techniques from different people, but it’s so worth it! ……. it’s such a rewarding feeling when people feel good about themselves because of you!

Klara Cosmetics: Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Stella: I get a lot of my inspiration from travelling. Because of my job I get to drive to different places, seeing different views, colours of the sky etc  

Klara Cosmetics: What advice can you give to those starting off in the industry? 

Stella: Don’t give up! If you ever doubt yourself it’s ok, because the doubting process will make you want to be better! Be inspired by other makeup artists, it’s a community not a competition!

Klara Cosmetics: How do you celebrate the Lunar New Year? Do you have any New Year traditions? 

Stella: We have a gathering with my family! On New Year’s Eve we have dinner with them and give out red pockets to bless the next year!

Klara Cosmetics: What does the Year of the Pig signify within your culture?

Stella: The year of the Pig represents wealth, honesty, truthfulness and hardworking! 

Klara Cosmetics: Why is the colour red special in your culture? What does it symbolise for the New Year?

Stella: Red means luck and joy! It means the new year will be full of luck and good fortune!

Klara Cosmetics: How do you combine celebrating the Lunar New Year with your favourite makeup looks? Are there any makeup traditions or beauty trends?

Stella: I think Lunar New Year is just like Christmas! Red is a must! If you not wearing a red outfit then a red or coral / bright lipstick is a must! 

Klara Cosmetics: What are some of your favourite techniques, or do you have any makeup tips and tricks that you would like to share and move forward with into the New Year?

Stella: Keep your skin nice and hydrated at all times and don’t forget sunscreen! Flawless makeup comes from good skin! This year you will be seeing a lot of orange/ coral colour! If you are wearing a colour like that you are definitely on trend :)

We are in awe of your work Stella! Cannot wait to see where your career takes you!



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