Behind the lashes with Internationally Renowned Makeup Artist

We’re currently experiencing one of those ‘pinch me’ moments.  

We accidentally stumbled upon Isabella De Vries on Instagram earlier this year. Her feed is a considered collection of painted faces. An album of artistic meticulousness, if you will. She explores skin finishes and creates lived-in, cried-in lip stains that look like abstract artworks. The deeper you dive into Isabelle’s social media feed, the more you see the physical manifestation of your favourite storybook characters rise to life.  

Her expressive style cannot be limited to just one category. From bridal to editorial, runway and beyond, Isabella is an industry veteran. Her hauntingly beautiful looks exude colour and vigour. Inspired by nature, this internationally recognised and multi award-winning makeup artist, reveals her beauty secrets for ‘behind the lashes’ this week.  

Keep reading; everything you need to know about what you see is below.  




KLARA COSMETICS: How did it all begin for you? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: I talked myself into doing wedding for friend and I loved what I did so much that I ended up doing the weddings for all six of her bridesmaids and my business just grew from word of mouth. 


KLARA COSMETICS: What are your biggest inspirations? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: As much as I love seeing what other artists do and feel inspired, my biggest inspirations always come from nature. I love the colour combinations you find and the mixes of different textures, it’s where I find most of my inspiration for the looks like create. 


KLARA COSMETICS: Growing up, were you a makeup junkie? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: Yes! I have played with make up from as far back as I can remember. We used to buy little make up kits from the two-dollar shop when I was a kid and I would do makeovers on my friends growing up. 


KLARA COSMETICS: Biggest misconception about being a makeup artist? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: The biggest misconception people have about being a make-up artist is that it’s a super glamorous job. I mean it can be, but also sometimes you can be kind of gross. Sometimes when you’re working backstage in the line-up for a fashion show you might get stuck concealing scrapes and bruises and pimples on people’s bodies. 


KLARA COSMETICS: What are some tips you’ve learned backstage?  

ISABELLE DE VRIES: Wow, where do I start? There are so many different things I have learned backstage. One of my favourite tips is using a cream sheen lipstick on the eyes and cheeks, to give a natural subtle dewy look. It’s now one of my go-to looks. 


KLARA COSMETICS: How do you think makeup/beauty translates into confidence? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: I know for myself growing up, I struggled with bad skin and I know that being able to put make up on made me feel more confident in my own skin. I have a whole new confidence when I’m wearing make-up and I feel like a new person. I love that you can apply make-up to reinvent yourself to be anyone you want to be. 


KLARA COSMETICS: How do you rehab your client’s skin? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: There are some great products on the market that I like to use, an instant light peel removes all dead skin and bacteria off the skin and can give you a great base to start with. Then I love to follow up with a hydrating mist and a moisturiser. 


KLARA COSMETICS: What’s the best advice you have ever received for creating flawless makeup? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: If you want beautiful flawless looking make up you need to start with a great base. Invest your money in a good skincare routine with the right products specifically [tailored] for your skin. Having well hydrated skin and drinking lots of water is also super important. 


KLARA COSMETICS: How do you achieve effortless makeup?  

ISABELLE DE VRIES: I use to hate sponges but now I love using a beauty sponge. Also, another great tip if you’re playing with makeup for the first time is to remove any fallout from your eyeshadow with makeup remover before applying your foundation.  


KLARA COSMETICS: How do you think wearing false lashes enhances your look? 

ISABELLE DE VRIES: I feel like a look isn’t complete without lashes. Even if they’re super natural lashes and it makes a huge difference to the overall look. They just finish it off. It adds definition to the eye and eye shape.










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