Behind the Lashes with Internationally Acclaimed Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Art Director and Producer @jojo_dantespadua

To say that we are in awe would be an understatement! Since coming across @jojo_dantespadua artistically inspired Instagram we have been pining over his makeup masterpieces. Reminiscent of historical arts and creative movements, his work is ethereal and bold, crafted with utmost precision and technical skill. From his editorial shoots to runway looks his refined attention to detail cannot go unnoticed.  

We felt most privileged to go behind the lashes with JoJo Dantes Padua to learn where his career in beauty all began and gain greater depth into his inspired perspective on makeup and unique approach to sharing his love and passions for the industry.  

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Effortless makeup: Citizenk magazine editorial

Effortless makeup: Citizenk magazine editorial

KLARA COSMETICS: When did you know a career in beauty was for you? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: At the tender age of 13 years old I knew already what i wanted to be when I grew up. I’m extremely artistic and see things differently. I always have admired women with makeup and the time they took to make themselves look glamorous. At that age, normal kids were handling comic books or playing with any latest toy or gadget. While me, all i wanted was the latest issue of vogue magazine and I’d always interfere once i saw my mother putting make up on. That was the highlight of my day.    


KLARA COSMETICS: What are your biggest inspirations? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: My biggest inspiration …. that is a very tough question because I’m inspired by anything – like the horizon, different colours of cloud during sunset, nature or even animals or reptiles with iridescent colours. I can be inspired by Hollywood star’s and their statement looks for red carpet, arts and medieval paintings or women in history. I’m always inspired working with Hollywood icons and especially fashion designers because they have their own inspiration, they know what they want and I get to go inside their mind and make there vision come to reality. That’s part of my job as well, but for me its pure love doing that.    


KLARA COSMETICS: What’s your favourite part about being a makeup artist? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: My favourite part about being a makeup artist is seeing women happy with themselves. After doing  my job, giving them that extra confidence is priceless. For me, beauty is a currency, and for fashion designers, seeing them fulfilling their vision with the help of my talent is truly rewarding.    


KLARA COSMETICS: What would be your best advice to give to an aspiring makeup artist? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: My advice for an aspiring makeup artist would be to do what their heart really desires. Always watch and listen to makeup artists you look up to, but at the same time listen to your inner voice and own taste or approach in make up because that will make you different from one artist to the next. I believe if you’re really an artist there is always a right time for you to shine. Timing is everything and being a makeup artist is a never ending road of learning, so always check what’s the latest product and technique. Don’t ever feel over confident that you know everything already because you will not learn anything from things that you know already. Keep on researching and on top of that, be realistic, look around and be aware of what’s happening around you to avoid being outdated.  


KLARA COSMETICS: What are some lessons you’ve learnt backstage? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: One lesson I’ve learnt backstage is how to work under pressure, delivering the look in a very small time frame.  That’s one of the most important training methods for makeup artist’s; learning to study makeup techniques that could save time from normal makeup application. Not to mention, you have to consider the lighting from the stage or ramp, so be very thorough choosing foundation that works perfectly on the skin. Learning how to work as a team with your co makeup artist is also very important.   


KLARA COSMETICS: How do you think makeup/beauty translates into confidence? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: Makeup is armour. When you see women with beautiful makeup that’s very presentable it gives them a very commanding presence. A woman could be having a rough time in her life, however you wouldn’t know if she still made the time for her makeup; for me, that is what makes her more powerful.   


KLARA COSMETICS: How do you rehab your (or your client’s) skin? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: I rehab my client’s or model’s skin by always advising them to drink lots of water and take vitamin E to improve their overall skin condition. After completing photoshoots everyday or fashion show’s I always advise that after washing their face with facial liquid soap and drying it, always include beauty essential oils to remove residue. After a few minutes wipe it and wash again. After that u can apply their favourite moisturizer or facial serum.    


KLARA COSMETICS: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received for flawless makeup? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: My advice for flawless makeup is to concentrate on the condition of the skin. I always advise to put moisturiser or primer on before putting foundation and wait atleast 10 minutes before adding the foundation and concealer. Let it set perfectly before adding loose powder or blot powder.    


KLARA COSMETICS: What are your best tips for effortless makeup application? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: For effortless makeup, the best tips I can give is to use mild coverage foundation, use cream blush, a warm nude tone of contour, nude or taupe eye shadow – avoid smokey colour eyeshadows to avoid your look appearing too made up, and finally, simply curl your lash, add not too thick mascara and for lips – tinted lip gloss only.   


KLARA COSMETICS: How do you think wearing false lashes enhances the look? 

JOJO DANTES PADUA: Adding false eyelashes has a very important role in makeup especially nowadays …. They create a dramatic shadow at the top of your eyelid. Even if you put only a single colour eyeshadow, lashes make it look artistically done, not to mention the sophistication it gives. The total look becomes very dramatic and gives sexiness to it.


Simple glam look: Citizenk magazine editorial

Simple glam look: Citizenk magazine editorial

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