Behind the Lashes with Australian Makeup Artist @bynormie

The beauty world knows him affectionately as ‘Normie’. He artfully arches the brows and scrupulously sculpts the cheekbones of Australia’s most coveted A-list celebrities. He creates catwalk complexions that radiate from outer space and graphic colour-blocking that leaps from the polished pages of your favourite editorials. Normie is nothing short of a magician with a mascara wand and we’ve been pining for his beauty secrets. Well, boys and girls, we finally have some answers.

The Sydney based Makeup Artist and Hairdresser talks about his path to superstar success and reveals how to create luminosity that you simply cannot live without. 

KLARA COSMETICS: How did it all begin for you? 

NORMAN GONZALES: I was a hairdresser first. I got sick of working in a salon, so I decided to study makeup and off I went. 

KLARA COSMETICS: Where do you draw inspiration from? 

NORMAN GONZALES: I used to buy lots of Vogue magazines. They are my holy bible. Nowadays, with social media, I have instant access to those who inspire me. Currently, my favourite artists are Hung Vanngo (@hungvanngo), Pati Dubroff (@patidubroff), James Molloy (@jamesmolloymakeupartist) and Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal). 

KLARA COSMETICS: Growing up, were you a big makeup junkie? 

NORMAN GONZALES: No, I found this path of my career accidently. 

KLARA COSMETICS: What’s the biggest misconception about makeup artists? 

NORMAN GONZLES: Social media doesn’t accurately reflect our work. It’s more than two dimensional. There is no easy way to this work, it requires practice and time. 

KLARA COSMETICS: What is the biggest tip you have learned backstage at fashion shows? 

NORMAN GONZALES: Never judge a book by is cover. 

KLARA COSMETICS: How do you think makeup/beauty translates into confidence? 

NORMAN GONZALES: The person who comes to [see me at] the makeup chair is transformed by the time they leave. The confidence is self evident. With quality makeup, you can be anybody. It doesn’t change, it enhances you. 

KLARA COSMETICS: How do you rehab your skin? 

GORMAN GONZALES: For personal rehab, I spoil myself at Man Cave. For my clients, I triple moisturize if needed. 

KLARA COSMETICS: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

GORMAN GONZALES: Spend the time prepping [your] skin. That’s the key to flawless makeup. 

KLARA COSMETICS: How do you think wearing false lashes enhances the look? 

NORMAN GONZALES: I love false lashes. It creates drama. 

And we couldn’t agree more. 

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