Our 3D Cream Skincare Range

Let’s talk about skincare… Do you have a daily skincare routine? Do you wake up and go to bed without worrying too much about what goes on your skin? If you have a skincare routine, great! If you don’t, you might want to start putting a little more thought into it. Why? Well did you […]

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This Valentine’s day… BYOB – Be Your Own Bae!

Be Your Own Bae! BYOB – Be Your Own Bae As the name suggests, BYOB! Not talking about bringing your own booze, although that doesn’t seem like a bad idea, weʼre talking how this year you should focus on yourself and Be Your Own Bae. We know how it can get a little frustrating when […]

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K-mas Around the World – Trisha Chatterjee

Where: India Instagram: Trisha Chatterjee (@trishchatt)     Gingerbread and Christmas trees might seem common place around the holiday season, but you can expect to see banana or mango trees decorated in India. A place where modern, ‘western’ traditions and Catholic/Hindi customs amalgam together. Where the clamour of Christmas carols and festive short stories reverberate […]

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K-mas Around the World – Natalie Shaw

Where: Gold Coast Who: Natalie Shaw (@natshaw_xx)   Out comes the archived tinsel and clay tree decorations. The smell of summer fruits fills the air and we have well and truly said goodbye to our calorie counting days, making way for all of the frosted icing cakes and cookies grandma brings out only in December […]

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K-mas Around the World – Asma Lootah

Where: Dubai Who: Asma Lootah (@by_asmalootah)   Fifteen more sleeps ‘til unwrapping gifts; hanging stockings; big fat meals with the family and of course ugly sweaters. Yep, that’s right! Christmas is around the corner and we are thrilled to chat to beauty goddess, Asma about how she is celebrating Christmas this year and what beauty […]

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K-mas Around the World – Brooke Styles

Where: Australia IG: @brookestyless   We talk to our favourite beauty muses’ from all around the world and ask what their favourite Christmas traditions are and we reckon they’re guaranteed to put you in the festive spirit.  Australian’s definitely have a unique way of sharing the holiday cheer. Tan lines and sparkling wine aside, we ask […]

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New Cruelty-Free & Vegan False Eyelashes


Product Launch Alert: La La Lashes Our brand new La La Lashes are what all the Hollywood A-Listers wish they were wearing. Drum roll please . . . we would like to introduce to all of our Klara Addicts our long awaited and highly coveted La La Lashes. We have put a lot of love […]

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#KCHOWTO Halloween with Kailey Knight and Nicole Aquilina

Not a fan of door knockers or horror movies? If there is one Halloween holiday tradition we do like, it’s getting dressed in theme. If you love a good freight and prefer trick over treats, we’ve got the hottest inspiration straight from the source, perfect to recreate for the ‘gram or for scaring the neighbours kids […]

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Is a Primer Really Necessary?

Our Secret Weapon: Primers! While moisturisers soften and hydrate skin, primers prepare the skin and allow for long lasting make up. We all love having our makeup intact after a long night of dancing and debauchery, and to achieve this we need to start off with the perfect canvas for our makeup application. So to […]

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