Insider Beauty Scoop – Why is my skin aging so fast?


Premature skin aging is largely attributed to horrible baddies called ‘free radicals’. But why are they detrimental to the health of our skin? These bad boys are tiny molecules that are missing an electron in their outer shell. They try to latch on to our healthy skin cells, attack them and steal their electrons to […]

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Beauty Essentials – Make Time to Prime

Priceline Klara

The importance of priming These days, skin prep is the answer to everything. Foundation not staying on? Prime. Shiny t-zone? Prime. Uneven skin texture? Prime. We spend way too much time and money trying to find the Holy Grail foundation when the answer to our problems has been there all along! If you don’t make […]

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Editorial Trends – Elevate Your Look


   The hottest editorial trends right now From runway to the covers of Vogue, editorial looks are highly desirable. We crave to be able to recreate the alluring looks we see on the big screen and in the pages of magazines. But with so many trends flying by it’s hard to know how to stay […]

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Get Your Eyes Fashion Week Ready

shay mitchell

Fashion week is coming up for all us Aussies out there, giving beauty lovers an excuse to try new trends and really explore our creative capabilities. Eyes are more than our own personal windows into the outside world; they are the windows to the soul. A person’s whole story can be told with their eyes […]

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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide!


Getting the right beauty products for your mum can be a challenge. Our mums do so much for us, so this mother’s day we are bringing you the ultimate skin care products that are guaranteed your spoil your mum. After all, she deserves it! What best way to pamper your mother than to get her […]

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Concealer is every person’s make up essential saviour, but did you know it can be used for so much more than just covering the odd pimple? Here are 4 of Klara’s expert concealer hacks to brighten as well as cover under-eye circles blemishes and more! BRIGHTEN YOUR FACE WITH CONCEALER The most flattering way to […]

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re looking for the ultimate way to say ‘I love you’ to mum then Klara Cosmetic’s skin-care and cosmetics boxes are just for you. These exclusive packs were hand made by Klara herself to deliver mums with the ultimate beauty and indulgent experience. Here are three amazing ways to […]

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Natural Glow-To Guide by Klara Cosmetics


HIGHLIGHT Whether you’re strutting a natural sheen or slaying in shimmer eyeshadow, beauty lovers out there cannot resist that glow. This year is not just about the popping highlight anymore. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the best out of this growing trend and get that perfect Natural Glow. HIGHLIGHTING PRIMER […]

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Rose Gold Glow Kit Launch


We know you loved the introduction of our mini Kiss Proof Lips. So what other exciting news could we possibly have? We’re so thrilled to welcome our new rose gold collection! ROSE GOLD PALETTES Our Rose Gold collection features five luxurious cases dipped in rose gold. Two indulgent glows kits. For a glow admired by […]

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International Womens Day!

Credit: Russell James

International Womens Day is a celebration supporting the achievements of women globally. Lead by our fearless #GirlBoss, Klara Sabotkoski, we strive to provide 100% pigmentation, cruelty free products in order for you ladies to slay all day!   If you’re celebrating with a girls night in, why not try our ‘Girls night in’ gift set. […]

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