Spring racing season is without a doubt the fashion event of the year. This season, the anticipated trends of bold prints, monochrome and bright colours will see racegoers display outstanding personality, style and sophistication. But what is bold fashion without the makeup to match and what works best? Well here at Klara Cosmetics our expert […]

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Crazy Clown Craze – Top Trends this Halloween!

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.49.10 AM

It is no doubt that the return of ‘IT’ has sparked a definite rumble in the makeup world. Halloween is approaching us and we are seeing a lot more of Bill Skarsgård’s iconic Pennywise clown paint with an added dose of glitter, eyeliner and false lashes. Compared to last year’s Harley Quinn frenzy, this year’s […]

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BROW 101 – A guide to get #ONFLEEK eyebrows!


They say that your eyes are the windows to the soul. If so, it only makes sense that your eyebrows are the frames that hold the windows in place. It’s not hard to miss the importance of eyebrows, most people are more focused on the eyes but scientific study has shown that eyebrows are the […]

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Unlike the monochromatic boldness of New York, London and Milan Fashion Week, the city of love has brought together soft, elegant colour palettes with more emphasis on floral patterns. At Paris Fashion Week, the trending hues of blue, yellow, green and red have made an appearance on some of the runways but they were much […]

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This Season’s Top Fashion Trends with Klara Cosmetics!

london 5

From the soft beige lace of Anna Sui’s final show closer to the rainbow pleats of TOME NYC, this season’s fashion trends can only be described as unpredictably daring when it comes to the texture and colour of runway looks. That leaves all us less fortunate fashion victims with a rather serious dilemma. What to […]

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New York Fashion Week – The Concrete Jungles Top Trends

2THOUSAND17 NEW YORK FASHION WEEK is all about making a statement, both on the runway and off! Designers, guests and attendees have pulled forth statement pieces; from prints and patterns to bold pops of colour and texture – NYC’s concrete jungle is embracing edge.   Embrace colour, COLOUR and MORE COLOUR! Grab any bold single […]

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Are You Fashion Week Ready?


Melbourne Fashion Week is underway with seven days of exciting shows from established and emerging designers, as well as pop-up events and exhibitions throughout Melbourne. Both on and off the runway we are watching the models, bloggers and celebrities for the next big beauty trends and how to carry them off. If you need a look that […]

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Klara Cosmetics Takes Burning Man Festival 17’

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The iconic desert festival aptly named ‘Burning Man’ is about to occur once again! The month of August will see festival goers from all over the world gather together in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The event promotes a sense of community spirit whilst bringing spectacular experiences to all involved, addressing social issues and uplifting […]

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Insider Beauty Scoop – Why is my skin aging so fast?


Premature skin aging is largely attributed to horrible baddies called ‘free radicals’. But why are they detrimental to the health of our skin? These bad boys are tiny molecules that are missing an electron in their outer shell. They try to latch on to our healthy skin cells, attack them and steal their electrons to […]

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Beauty Essentials – Make Time to Prime

Priceline Klara

The importance of priming These days, skin prep is the answer to everything. Foundation not staying on? Prime. Shiny t-zone? Prime. Uneven skin texture? Prime. We spend way too much time and money trying to find the Holy Grail foundation when the answer to our problems has been there all along! If you don’t make […]

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